a child sees happy minds

Behind cuteness, a child sees clearly what adults smirk at. Oversize heads dangle down arms. Each “my” is either an opportunity or a misunderstanding about what can and can’t be done by each. What can be done when linked (arms connected in a V near invisible hands) makes smiles. The smile of lips is connected to the left eye of feeling/heart (not the right eye of senses/mind). “I did it all by my-self”, is the apprentice’s celebration.

Ego is where the arms are involved and, by convoluted extension at maturity, the “right to bear arms”. Some say that’s God given and I wonder then what Jesus is packing? If you infringe upon me, be forewarned I’m vigilant to mangle your bloody flesh with a trigger explosion behind shrapnels of lead. This is SO sacred to many, they passionately have created Sanctuaries. The Sanctuary of the church is the same sacred thing, I guess, as a proud mob with guns. We do not really own ourselves yet will insist upon it with sidearms.

Those that constantly practice bang bang, do not forget the little ones watching. Do not forget either some crazies slaughter the little. Slaughter cannot be resolved with swift slaughter back.

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