playing games
you pretend, boisterously unsurprise-able
unblinking ferret eyes
insured from losses or weird tripping stuff
or tricks into something holy sobering
that would free fall stun ya'

honing steel silt, micro-clumped
strewn trail behind smugly sharp minds
money and many proofed
indisputable ayes belittle bores
unanimous(ize) skyscrapers, church steeples

my old friends sneer snicker
vociferous truths anneal into dreamy lives
Jim becomes a bigheaded scheming consultant
Fred a hotshot racy millennial
Linda a gorgeous celebrity brainiac

and I become no-thing salable
a coach to one's self
majestically cleansed
clumsy apprentice
orator for the deaf

but what I pray tend now
is enormously paradoxical
poverty empowered
fasting feasts
ego disobedience
indigent giveaway
bird (woe)men

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