d(e) mentions

inner net
the unseen seems vulnerable
worry cancers our peace
yet we practice misunderstanding
brace against shoving
of harsh bullies smug with bigness

marauders mock the solitary walker
threaten to violate a gorgeous maiden
kick over the healer's camp
dare lightning to make them stop
recruit laughter, smear as little

snickering brutes in the bush
my prayers seem dainty
until the unexpected echoes
brashness hides their emptiness
Tunkashila doesn't wince

Grandpa don't need tattlers
He don't need my approvals either
not waiting for my prayer confirmations
not blinking at everything outrageous
true enormity obscures local dwarfs

I can be a good witness
I can splash plenty ripples
don't need to ransom myself
no fool for boisterous acts
silently basking is basking aplenty

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