t(error) pamphlet
relentlessly wanting
to name 4 certain
proclaim, scream
de(line)ate truth
& eradicate conflicting omissions

insist THIS, absolutely can't be also THAT
ascertain, determine, dissect for distinction
with scalding hot fury
pluck reeking feathers
to get a roast to scorch

corrupt politicians
heartless conservatives
flippant liberals
self-preoccupied boomers
& over-spoiled millennials

insanely rich arrogance
chants off impoverished (Presidential) candidates
putty knives flattering portraits
airbrushes on silvery esteem
shades down gluttony

good is gold foiled
black is too heavily dark
pinko boys are girlishly teeny
bluesy girls aren't to mean much
chameleons lead worship of the monotone

and while we quarrel
finger jab fouls
fight for mythic death
imagine hoary glories
slithery ones de-sp(eyes) us

anguish sommeliers
incite random murders
exploit by covert magic
distract us from our selves
cheer what we hastily abandon(e)

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