contemplating L(eye)TEthe very vib(e) ray tionsray d(e) ate from ever(e) holy Eonthrew out dimensionsquantum IN tensionnot tacked downscientists slant their headsmesmerized byemanating, dancing sparkleslong glow lava(its Kola… Read more “Sun”


relentlessly wantingto name 4 certainproclaim, screamde(line)ate truth& eradicate conflicting omissionsinsist THIS, absolutely can’t be also THATascertain, determine, dissect for distinctionwith scalding hot furypluck reeking feathersto get a… Read more “labels”


(e)turn it(e)(e)motiond(e)erston(e)fir(e) b(e) s/h(e)w(e)m(e)th(e)l(e)aveinsanit(e)societ(e)k(e)epgiv(e)hat(e)lovel(e)b(e)atsmudg(e)st(e)amorganiz(e)disciplin(e)r(e)specthumbl(e)st(e)m

a taxonomy of prayers

memorized protectionshared mealdisowned illnessespetty athletic boastsself-righteous warssympathetic etiquettethe pious about the doomedtraveler’s anxietyterrifying darknessproclaimed R.I.P.naked innocencegrandiose ambitionbewildering griefpolitical alliancecontrived assuranceindescribable awe, gratitudelightning strikes thricebirds, deer, and dragonfliescalm… Read more “a taxonomy of prayers”